First off, All women have a VALUE! Even Hoes, Prostitutes etc. Even if their value is negative it is still a value. Women should feel that they are priceless.  Especially coming from the guy that "loves" her.  You cannot sit here and tell me you love a female but yet make her feel like a piece of crap. It just does NOT WORK THAT WAY. That is NOT LOVE.

Gentlemen, if you feel, in your eyes, a women has no value then move on. There is absolutely no need to keep her around or keep lying to her.  Making a woman feel worthless is like us taking your manhood away. Do not contribute to the devaluation of females that you males have stared in today's society. Question, Do you make us females feel like we are worthless to stick around longer, and feel like noone wants us? Is this some type of psychology you use to play with our heads? If you make a female feel worthless you might think you are worthless yourself.  You are probably bashing her to make yourself feel better and trust me that is NOT the way to go.

However, us females must have a strong character to believe that no man can influence how we feel about ourselves.  We do not need a man to complete us! Although, it is nice to have a companion.  At the end of the day, it is better to be alone than with bad company.



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